Bow Tie Fiesta

This recipe was a spin off of the recipe you can find here. I didn’t have all the ingredients it called for, so I decided to use what I had, which just so happened to slim it down a little. It was SO good! My 3 year old even cleaned his plate, except for the tomatoes, which he refuses to eat.

Slimmed Down Bow Tie Fiesta
Makes 6 servings, 419 calories per serving

-1 lb. ground venison (of course you can use ground beef, but it will change the calorie count. I would get the leanest you can find. For those of you super strict about your calories, 1 lb of ground venison has about 544 calories. This way you can do a swap)
-1 cup mini bow ties
-1/2 white onion, chopped small
-2 cloves garlic, minced
-1/2 tbsp smoked paprika (you can use regular, but it won’t be as good. šŸ˜‰ )
-1/4 tbsp cumin
(you could also add some chili powder, but I was out)
-1 can RoTel original
-1/2 can of white beans
-2 wedges Laughing Cow cheese
-1 tbsp tomato paste (I like the kind in a tube you keep in the fridge. It’s an amazing and wonderful invention!)
-salt to taste
-2 cups mild cheddar cheese (you can really use any cheese you have. Monterrey Jack would be great)

Brown your ground meat and cook your pasta. Drain the meat leaving just a tiny amount of fat in the pan. Put the meat in a bowl lined with paper towels to help soak up some of the fat. Throw your onions in the pan with the little bit of leftover fat. Cook until they start to get translucent, then throw in the garlic. Add your meat back to the pan, along with your beans and rotel. Stir it around and then add your spices and your salt. Stir, then add your laughing cow cheese wedges. It will mix in quicker if you cut them up first, but I just threw the wedges in there and let them melt as I stirred it. Add your cooked pasta to the pan and make sure everything is incorporated.

Transfer everything to an 8×8 square dish. Top with the cheese and bake at 350 for 10 minutes or until all bubbly and gooey.

It is SO good! If you wanted to slim it down more, you could use reduced fat cheese, but my hubby would never go for that. Haha!

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